Island sunset
Island Sunset

Fun Sport fishing in the Discovery Islands of British Columbia

The Discovery Islands of British Columbia are a picturesque setting in one of Canada’s most beautiful provinces.

For those who are looking to head out into the water for a round of sport fishing, it is time to look at the splendor of this location. It is a setting straight out of the movies with its intrinsic beauty and natural hues. Your free to wander the Magnificent mountains and valleys of Vancouver Island searching for that magnificent river to cast your line amongst the old growth forests.

You will fall in love with it, and that’s what makes sport fishing such a joy here.

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Variety of Fish

Want to enjoy the allure of sport fishing?

You will know these islands are a joy to behold and have something for everyone. BC Salmon are up to the task for those looking to have a good time out in the open water.

The location is one of the most popular for those wanting to catch a fish or two. It has everything one would want both in terms of the location and the fish. It will take a few minutes before you have a silverfish in place.

Yes, this is the allure of visiting Discovery Islands of British Columbia.

Beautiful Setting

Whether it’s the calm islets or the unique tidal rapids, the Discovery Islands of British Columbia are mesmerizing. It creates for a once-in-a-lifetime view while you are fishing in the water.

This view is a part of the location’s appeal and why it is heralded as a provincial wonder. People come in from various parts of the province and nation to go fishing and enjoy the beauty of this area.

It is one of those rare locations that has preserved its beautiful nuances and continues to provide joy. There isn’t a better place in Canada.

Range of Activities

For those wanting to go sport fishing, the Discovery Islands of British Columbia are an exceptional fit with so much to offer. The area is gorgeous, and there is always something going on nearby.

Whether it’s hikers, sailors, or marine experts, you will notice people in and around the islands year-round. You will be able to join in and participate! Thousands of fishing enthusiasts pop over to this part of the province to take a look at the islands and see what is in the water.

They never leave disappointed and neither will you when it comes to the Discovery Islands of British Columbia.

With Cortes Island, Quadra Island, Maurelle Island, Read Island, East and West Thurlow Islands, and Sonora Island, you are looking at a comprehensive fishing experience that will be remembered for a lifetime. This is one of those fishing journeys that will bring joy to your life and will ensure you understand the charm of great fishing waters. The area around this part of British Columbia is impressive and provides ample opportunity for fishing enthusiasts.

For those looking to join in on the fun, it’s time to enjoy the charm of these islands.

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Island Starfish low tide
Island Starfish Low Tide

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Island Archipelago
Island Archipelago

Charter Fishing At its best

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Catch your prize salmon by day and eat it fresh at night at your luxury lodge on Cortes Island.

Lose yourself in the magical spirit of the Islands.


Old Salmon Warehouse
Old Salmon Warehouse